Italian restaurant to enjoy
in a good old Japanese house


About Nora Cucina

Nora Cucina endeavors to deliver cuisine derived from the farm work taking place in the fields and farms of Toyosaka. Our name comes from the word "nora sagyo," meaning ”farm work” in Japanese and "cucina," the word for cooking in Italian.
Everyone in this restaurant, from the owner to all the staff members, were born and raised in Toyosaka. The ingredients we use are lovingly grown by the farmers of Toyosaka and we strive to prepare and serve them with care.


Enjoy Italian cuisine in a traditional Japanese house

Nora Cucina's building was originally the dining hall of a Japanese restaurant that operated for over a hundred years.
It fell into disuse because of deterioration and was on the verge of being demolished.
However, after laborious reconstruction, Nora Cucina was born. The newly converted building made full use of the quaint features and garden of old trees. The thick beams running through the center of the restaurant and the vintage fittings were brought all the way from an old house in Gosen City before it was demolished. Even our Italian-made stone oven was collecting dust at some storage space with nowhere to go. We took the pains of repairing and transporting it to make it into the piece it is now.
We invite you to come take a look around our space.


Dinner Menu

*All plus tax

Additionally, we also serve a variety of seasonal dishes.


Kuzuka Market Street Kita-ku Niigata City 3223
Tel. 025-387-5200
Lunch. 11:00 - 14:30 LO / Dinner. 17:00 - 22:00 (Last 21:30)

Reservations are only accepted by phone.
Please note that we can not accept reservations by e-mail.


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